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Angela and her team are absolutely amazing!!!! They are the ONLY ones who believed my diagnoses and treated me correctly! I continue to get well under their amazing care!!! ♥️

Angela C. 10/1/2019

I have been seeing Angela Myers at MHC for 8+ years and am well-pleased with the care I have received. I've been to many doctors and have finally found a medical "home." Kind and caring staff -- especially Terri and Jeannie. Thank you!

Myra J. 9/28/19

This clinic was such a great find! One of the very few places that can order my advanced blood work. The staff is so friendly! Everyone was very caring. At 64, I've seen a lot of doctor offices. This is the best place I've been to! I appreciate as well their expert knowledge on nutrition. Big shout out to Dr. Ola!

Gary H. 9/10/2019

You will never find better care any where else. The team is AMAZING!!! I can never say enough about how I love this place.

A. Mackey 2/2019

I have had the good fortune of being a patient at the Medical Healing Center for a couple of years now.  During this time, I have had very significant pain relief in two areas from the practitioners at this center.  Specifically, the Prolozone treatments are the reason.  And I feel like I have just scratched the surface on other treatments for a variety of other complaints I may have, from aging to trauma.  Also, the comparative analytics on the labs are the most comprehensive and helpful I have ever experienced, based on how much better I feel and my energy level compared to when I walked in the door a couple of years ago.  The center's front office staff are always dedicated and helpful.  Great work one and all.


Ron P.   7/8/15


I became a patient at the Medical Healing Center in April 2015. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2005 and have been treated by numerous physicians, including several renowned specialists. The outcome was always the same, I was informed  IC is incurable, the only option is symptom/pain management. Since beginning treatment at the Medical Healing Center, I am thrilled to state I have been cured of Interstitial Cystitis! I have experienced this miraculous cure due to the knowledge and skill of Angela Myers, ARNP-C.  Angela Myers was trained by Dr. Frank Shallenberger and treats IC with ozone infusion and prolozone therapy. I am now completely pain free and I have my life back after 10 years!

J. W.  10/22/15

"I can't say enough about my experiences at the center. Everyone is so kind and caring, (hugs and kind words are common, and they mean it).No conventional treatment has ever worked so effectively and as quickly as those offered here. Ozone therapy is a miracle, BTW, for chronic pain. I brought my 79 year old mother here, because she wanted what I was having. Her 10 year back pain is 90% reduced and her sore feet are pain free, after just one ozone shot in each. And she Loved everyone here. After talking my reluctant boyfriend into coming here, his 15 year knee pain is erased and his chronic back pain, 75% better, after ozone shots. He's a big fan now too. If you're someone who's tired of running from doctor to doctor, and you still feel bad, I bet you'll find relief, right here."

Sally  11/2016

In February of 2016, I was extremely ill with a constellation of symptoms which no one seemed to be able to correctly diagnose, but which I feared were probably related to a tick bite I received in June 2015.   After months of frustrating visits to various health care practitioners who offered no solution to my continuing downward health spiral, I ended up at the Medical Healing Center after doing some research on alternative medicine.  Knowing absolutely nothing about the MHC, or practitioners Angela Myers and Susan Corley, I called that morning figuring I wouldn’t get an appointment for weeks.  Much to my surprise, I was given an appointment with Angela for that same afternoon.  I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, but I was praying she wasn’t yet another medical provider who would throw her hands up and tell me she had no idea what my problem was.  As it was, Angela Myers turned out to be an absolute god-send that day.  After a careful examination and review of my symptoms, she offered a sensible diagnosis and created a treatment plan that eventually restored my health.  I am now nearly completely recovered thanks to Angela, Susan, and the MHC staff, a coordinated team of people who are dedicated to providing superior care in a warm, kind, and positive environment.  As a patient, I always receive personalized attention from Angela and Susan, who not only listen to me, but make the consultation about my health issues a dialogue rather than a monologue.  This is not a place where they simply throw a prescription at you and send you home.  I am delighted that the MHC takes an integrative approach in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, combining the best of conventional and complementary medicine.  I’ve spent a lot of time at the MHC over this past year, and have to say that I now think of these people as my family.  I am truly grateful to have found the MHC.  I know of no other place where you can be treated for an illness and receive a blessing at the same time.  From my perspective, it doesn’t get much better than that.

M.W. 11/2016



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